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"My Secret Army" Original Painting

"My Secret Army" Original Painting

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This piece of art has so many meanings, and you probably will have your own if you spend some time with it. You will probably even find your favorite cat. And maybe you'll notice that it can change from time to time, depending on your needs and emotional state.
For me, it was a reminder to get out of my “beige” comfort zone. And to remember that it is safe out there, whichever emotion arises. It’s a personal army here for you!
Welcome to high vibration movement 〰️〰️

"My Secret Army" is very unique, and so is the future owner.

The majority of this painting was created in Croatia during our family’s stay, amidst numerous personal challenges and setbacks. The canvas has journeyed across the globe with me and is now present here. It serves as a powerful reminder that we are capable of overcoming any obstacle.The painting is framed, as shown on the video. 

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