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Olga Dukowski Art

"Generations" Original Painting

"Generations" Original Painting

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This piece of art was inspired by Mayan culture sculptures, mural and paintings. Maya's didn't really care much for politics, military, or economy as much as they cared for religion. They were a polytheistic nation, meaning that they believed in many gods to help them with their everyday life. And that is exactly why I feel their way of expression so nurturing and close to my heart. 

This painting has multiple interpretations, but the main theme I had in mind was generational trauma and our role in perpetuating or breaking it.

Many of us have experienced some form of trauma, either directly or indirectly, through our genes, memes or conditioning. We have the power to heal ourselves and prevent it from affecting us further.

Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 48 inch 

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