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Olga Dukowski

"Ancient Beauty"

"Ancient Beauty"

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This Jaguar Lady is a symbol of the Divine Feminine Energy.

It’s a reminder of how important it is to embrace our feminine side in a world that often values masculine traits above all else. “Ancient Beauty" invites us to pause and reflect on the power and beauty of that free energy. 

It also represent Mayan I'x energy of female power, healing and magic of intuition and it's ability to transmute the negative into positive.

Looking at her make me want to tap into my intuition and creativity, be whole and free.


About me:

Passionate about ancient cultures, symbols, Reiki, spirituality and Family. I deeply believe that everything that surround us, has a tremendous impact on our lives. And I believe that art has a special place among those things, it has the power to heal, inspire and transform.

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