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"My Secret Army" Museum quality print 8' x 10'

"My Secret Army" Museum quality print 8' x 10'

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This piece of art has so many meanings, and you probably will have your own if you spend some time with it. You'll probably even find your favorite cat. And maybe you'll notice that it can change from time to time, depending on your needs and emotional state.
For me, it was a reminder to get out of my “beige” comfort zone. And to remember that it is safe out there, whichever emotion arises. It’s a personal army here for you!
Welcome to high vibration movement 〰️〰️

"My Secret Army" is very unique, and so is the future owner.

Print Type:

Museum quality Fine Art paper. Paper is matte, 100% cotton, using archival pigment inks. Prints are made with the finest archival materials to last 100+ years.

For the longest life-span, keep out of direct sunlight and/or under glass.

About me:

Passionate about ancient cultures, symbols, Reiki, spirituality and Family. I deeply believe that everything that surround us, has a tremendous impact on our lives. And I believe that art has a special place among those things, it has the power to heal, inspire and transform.

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